FENECON Industrial L

The easy to assemble industrial storage

Scalable. Decentralized power electronics. High power density.

FENECON Industrial L is the future-proof battery storage platform for industrial applications as the basis for grid-serving energy management. The power storage system offers high reliability through redundancy.

FENECON Industrial L

Maximum system efficiency

  • Scalable

  • Simplified drawer system

  • High power and energy density

  • Full product warranty by FENECON

  • 736 kW power

  • 1,288 kWh Total capacity

  • Powerful battery including thermal management 

  • Open source based energy management system FEMS 

Transportable - grid-serving

  • All components accessible from the outside

  • Transportable with forklift and crane

  • Connection variable

  • For outdoor use, e.g. at generation plants

  • External inverter rack

Network services

Capping load peaks


Optimise own consumption

Optimise own consumption

Participate in the energy market participate

Industrial_energy or power markets

Technical data

Operating form 

3-phase, 400 V AC 

Nominal frequency 

50 Hz 

Weight battery container 

approx. 10.5 t per unit 

Weight Inverter incl.
Optional mounting rack

approx. 1.5t per unit 

Dimension battery container

4,600 | 1,700 | 2,900 mm 


Product warranty: 5 years
Capacity warranty: 70% after 10 years or 5,000 cycles¹ 

¹All warranties extendable. For further information, please refer to our warranty conditions.