The smart resi­den­ti­al sto­rage system

Unique. Efficient.
Energy transition.

More inde­pen­dence from ener­gy com­pa­nies and high elec­tri­ci­ty pri­ces: FENECON Home 10 is the bat­tery ener­gy sto­rage sys­tem for sin­gle and mul­ti-fami­ly houses.


More than just a battery storage

  • Plug & Play assembly

  • Simp­le sec­tor coupling

  • Pre­dic­ti­ve ener­gy management

  • Fle­xi­ble DC, AC and hybrid inverter

  • 3-pha­se back-up power sup­p­ly with solar rech­ar­ging and black start func­tion (<10 ms UPS-stan­dard switching)

Always in the right size

  • The FENECON Home ener­gy sto­rage sys­tem grows with your requi­re­ments or with your PV systems

  • Sui­ta­ble for out­door installation

  • Modu­lar - expan­da­ble from 8.8 kWh to 66.0 kWh

  • Up to 10 kW power


Smart Energy Management


Grid optimized charging

Activate sector coupling over-the-air


Flexible into the future


Intel­li­gent, self-lear­ning char­ging stra­tegy; con­troll­able con­su­mers, time-of-use tariffs; clouds / com­mu­ni­ties / flat rates and much more; easy inte­gra­ti­on via OpenEMS.


Can be acti­va­ted at any time and com­bi­ned variably.

Independent and free 

FEMS can con­nect apps, wall­bo­xes and other hard­ware, manu­fac­tu­rer-inde­pen­dant­ly to the FENECON Home via OpenEMS.

Safe, self-monitoring, future-proof


FENECON Home 10 is based on Lithi­um Iron Phos­pha­te (LFP) Bat­te­ries. Thanks to their cell che­mis­try the­se can­not expe­ri­ence ‘ther­mal runa­way’ even when damaged.


A sepa­ra­te bat­tery manage­ment sys­tem (BMS) is inte­gra­ted in the bat­tery tower.

  • This moni­tors the bat­te­ries accu­ra­te to the second, e.g. the vol­ta­ge of each cell, but also their tem­pe­ra­tures, curr­ents and many other parameters.

  • In case of dan­ger, it swit­ches off the bat­tery inde­pendent­ly to pre­vent cri­ti­cal situations.

  • It is not direct­ly con­nec­ted to the cus­to­mers net­work or to the Inter­net so that it can com­mu­ni­ca­te sta­b­ly with FEMS - the FENECON Ener­gy Manage­ment System.


FEMS Apps make new safe­ty stan­dards, mar­ket oppor­tu­ni­ties and ener­gy-saving opti­ons available to the sys­tem. Buy­ers recei­ve free updates for life so that they always work with up-to-date algorithms. 


Battery module

Fenecon Home_Batterie
  • Stackable with secu­re contacts

  • Lithi­um Iron Phos­pha­te (LFP)

  • Only 26.5 kg - one-per­son assem­bly possible

  • Capa­ci­ty gua­ran­tee: 12 years or 6,000 cycles

FEMS box

  • Intel­li­gent, mul­ti­func­tion­al and self-lear­ning ener­gy management

  • Grid-ser­ving self-con­sump­ti­on for hig­her yields and grid-ser­ving behavior

  • Pre­pared for sec­tor coupling

  • Open­EMS-based: the lea­ding ener­gy manage­ment standard

Battery management

  • Effi­ci­ent high-vol­ta­ge bat­tery system

  • Self-cont­ac­ting and -parameterizing

  • With char­ging sta­tus indi­ca­tor and safe­ty switch for user­fri­end­ly operation

  • Intel­li­gent balan­cing for long bat­tery life

  • Vol­ta­ge and tem­pe­ra­tu­re moni­to­ring at cell level

The FENECON Home in your house

More energy. But less power from the grid.

Technical data

Loading/unloading capacity 

Up to 10 kW 

Usable battery capacity 

8.8 - 66.0 kWh DC 

Operating mode 


Back-up power 

Back-up power capa­ble and solar rech­ar­ging possible 

Max. PV DC power 

Up to 15,000 W 


Pro­duct war­ran­ty: 10 years
Capa­ci­ty gua­ran­tee: 12 years or 6,000 cycles¹ 

Complete system 

Bat­tery, fle­xi­ble DC, AC and hybrid inver­ter, ener­gy manage­ment sys­tem and warranties 

Nominal frequency 

50 Hz