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Investment opportunity via private placement


Independence is a high priority for us and our motivated employees.
We have been able to maintain our entrepreneurial independence and, thanks to our innovative strength and our loyal customers, have made it into the top 50 fastest-growing technology companies in Germany.

New location

Even more sustainability - supported by the EU. And that is why we are investing in the next open project that will increase the sustainability of electric vehicle batteries even more: With a new production site for 2nd Life electricity storage systems and extensive EU funding, we are systematically continuing along this path.

Investor Circle

The offer is a private placement. The offer is not directed to everyone and is not open to the public. A silent participation is only possible for a certain, qualitatively and quantitatively limited group of investors. Potential investors will be contacted from FENECON's network on the basis of a personal approach.

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FENECON CarBatteryReFactory

Here, e-car batteries are given their second life as electricity storage
and can then continue to advance the energy winGER for another 20 years.

Become a part of FENECON and advance the energy revolution with us
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