Energy Storage Systems for
home, commercial and industrial.


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Innovative Energy storage and energy management systems
for the 100% energy transition.

Achieving the 100% energy reversalGER through renewable energies is what drives us to commit ourselves every day.
Our electricity storage systems for homes, commerce and industry in virtually all size and performance classes, as well as our excellent energy management system FEMS, are the basis with which we contribute to achieving this vision.

With our products, electricity can be used for heating or cooling, mobility, production, housing and virtually all sectors. In addition to enthusiasm, we are characterized by technical precision in order to implement what is feasible in a sustainable, durable and reusable manner.

- Energy transition -
Why we need storage from e-car batteries

In the GLS blog, Franz-Josef Feilmeier talks about solutions for realizing the 100% energy transition and gives an outlook on where our grandchildren will get their electricity from one day.

Energy storage, in particular, is gaining in importance with the shift to renewable energy sources.

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FENECON Energy Storage Systems & Energy Management Systems

We firmly believe that in the future, storage and energy management will be in use at every home connection and every commercial property, where they can increase self-power usage, make energy purchase and feed-in more flexible, and serve the higher power requirements of charging infrastructure.

The FENECON electricity storage systems use the OpenEMS-basedGER smart energy management system FEMS to enable grid-serving charging and discharging up to intelligent sector coupling of electricity, mobility and heat.

Home storage 


Complete systems with battery, inverter and FEMS energy management

Power 10 kW
Capacity 8.8 - 66 kWh

Commercial storage 

FENECON Commercial 30

Emergency power storage system - builds own power grid.

Power 30 - 90 kW
Capacity 32 - 357 kWh

Commercial storage 

FENECON Commercial 50

Power storage system Fully modular - grows with your energy needs.

Power 50 - 250 kW
Capacity 70 - 1,400 kWh

Industrial storage 

FENECON Industrial M

Scaling from under a hundred kilowatts to the multi-megawatt range.

Power 88 - 704 kW
Capacity 82 - 656 kWh

Industrial storage 

FENECON Industrial S

The future-proof industrial power storage unit as the basis for grid-serving energy management. Cost-effective and easy to transport.

Power 92 - 184 kW
Capacity 82 - 164 kWh


Energy management system

Increases the potential of your electricity storage and enables the intelligent integration of PV system, e-charging station, heat pump, and other controllable consumers.

Rental storage 


Rental storage systems bridge gaps in supply, money and energy. They allow economic efficiency
considerations without investment risk. Manageable costs are attractive framework conditions for trade, industry and energy suppliers. 

Climate protection and energy independence

At FENECON, we are pursuing a clear vision of 100% energy denGER. We design our electricity storage and energy management solutions to be future-proof so that a complete supply of renewable energy for electricity, heat and mobility is possible. The energy supply with renewables is not only necessary as a climate perspective, but also under the aspect of energy independence.

Among electricity storage manufacturers, FENECON is recognized as one of the technology and innovation leaders with particularly future-oriented system and energy management functions. With FENECON products you can use electrical energy for almost all sectors such as heating or cooling, mobility, production or living economically and climate friendly.