Energy Storage Systems for
home, commercial and industrial.

The vision - 100% energy transition with Energy storage

Achieving the 100% energy reversalGER through renewable energies is what drives us to commit ourselves every day. Our electricity storage systems for homes, commerce and industry in virtually all size and performance classes, as well as our excellent energy management system FEMS are the basis with which we contribute to the achievement of this vision.

Electricity can be used with our products for heating or cooling, mobility, production, housing and virtually all sectors. In addition to enthusiasm, we are characterized by technical precision in order to implement what is feasible in a sustainable, durable and reusable manner. 

FENECON CarBatteryReFactory
New building in the industrial park Iggensbach West 

Groundbreaking and citizen information evening
Friday, 18.11.2022 in Iggensbach

FENECON groundbreaking 2022-11-18

The Iggensbach West industrial park is being built near the A3 freeway. What opportunities and prospects does the new construction of the future FENECON main site open up in the region?


We are very pleased about the strong response and the great interest in the new construction of the CarBartteryReFactory in Iggensbach. Thank you very much for the good questions, the positive feedback and the lively exchange at our citizens' information evening at Gasthof Linsmeier as well as the participants of the groundbreaking ceremony on the construction site in the Iggensbach West industrial park.

BR24.GER reports on the construction of the
FENECON CarBatteryReFactory

CarBatteryReFactory on NiederbayernTV -
the whole contribution from minute 01:34 min:

FENECON Energy Storage Systems & Energy Management 

From home storage to commercial or industrial storage. Intelligent sector coupling of electricity, mobility and heat. 

Home storage 


Complete systems with battery, inverter and FEMS energy management

Power 10 kW
Capacity 8.8 - 66 kWh

Commercial storage 

FENECON Commercial 30

Emergency power storage system - builds own power grid.

Power 30 - 90 kW
Capacity 32 - 357 kWh

Commercial storage 

FENECON Commercial 50

Power storage system Fully modular - grows with your energy needs.

Power 50 - 250 kW
Capacity 70 - 1,400 kWh

Industrial storage 

FENECON Industrial M

Scaling from under a hundred kilowatts to the multi-megawatt range.

Power 88 - 704 kW
Capacity 82 - 656 kWh

Industrial storage 

FENECON Industrial S

The future-proof industrial power storage unit as the basis for grid-serving energy management. Cost-effective and easy to transport.

Power 92 - 184 kW
Capacity 82 - 164 kWh


Energy management system

Increases the potential of your electricity storage and enables the intelligent integration of PV system, e-charging station, heat pump, and other controllable consumers.

Rental storage 


rental storage bridges gaps in supply, money and energy. They allow economic considerations without investment risk. Manageable costs are attractive framework conditions for trade, industry and energy suppliers. 


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15 reasons,

why you can implement the energy transition faster with FENECON Energy storage systems

Our storage systems do everything to achieve this goal.
With our FEMS energy management system, FENECON storage systems are capable of being easily expanded, even at a later date. This gives your investment a high and long-term security and saves resources and money at the same time. 

So really sustainable!

By purchasing the FEMS, you automatically receive lifelong updates "over the air". This means that the energy management system and thus your complete system is always up to date with the latest technical and regulatory standards.

Buy once and get updates for life!

In the future, more and more heat, driving energy and other energy consumption will be covered by electricity. The FEMS apps are already ready to optimise the most favourable variant of direct or staggered consumption by the storage system and favourable electricity purchase.

Simply integrate your heat pump with SG-Ready interface into your smart energy system via the corresponding app.

Optimise your own consumption or grid-serving self-consumption, for example.
Your electricity from the roof is the cheapest electricity. Make the most of it.

At the same time, you can behave in a grid-friendly way and save money. If the stored energy is not sufficient for for the night, your FEMS can intelligently shift the necessary use of the grid to times with cheap electricity when there is plenty of electricity in the grid.

See from anywhere how the energy flows in your house geraGER and control manually at will. Try it out for yourself with the demo version.

Reduce the service charges of your business or avoid grid connection extensions despite new consumers, such as charging columns.

All our Pro and Commercial 30 series systems are emergency power capable!

You want to be completely independent from the grid? That is also possible with our Pro Hybrid 10 series.

Integrate controllable loads and power generators into your energy system via meters or directly via integrated interfaces.

Open interfaces allow our systems to communicate with many other environments and so our data can be included in visualisation or control.

Without you having to intervene manually, FEMS recognises the power with which your storage unit must be charged in order to have energy in the morning for , possible consumption peaks, to absorb as much energy as possible during the midday peak and to ensure that it is full in the evening and for during the night. All of this is intelligently adapted specifically to your system.

FENECON storage systems are eligible for funding. Whether in regional programmes, such as in Lower Saxony or North Rhine-Westphalia and many other regional funding projects. FENECON systems are also eligible for federal subsidies, such as the KfW subsidy programme 440 for Charging infrastructure in the private sector.



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