FENECON Commercial 30

The back-up power capa­ble com­mer­cial storage


The FENECON Com­mer­cial 30 has been dis­con­tin­ued. Remai­ning quan­ti­ties in stock are alre­a­dy sold out.

FENECON Home 30 sys­tems are the equivalent.

The modu­lar, back-up power-capa­ble com­mer­cial sto­rage sys­tem can set up its own power grid.
FENECON Com­mer­cial 30 con­sists of safe and dura­ble Lithi­um Iron Phos­pha­te (LiFePO4) batteries.

FENECON Commercial 30

Integrated complete system

  • Powerful bat­tery

  • Effi­ci­ent inverter

  • Open source based ener­gy manage­ment FEMS

  • Inclu­ding 3-pha­se sen­sor for the grid-con­nec­tion point

  • Inte­gra­ted relay board

  • Back-up power capa­ble with optio­nal with optio­nal grid dis­con­nec­tion unit

Flexible power and capacity

  • Pro­fi­ta­ble: Increase your own elec­tri­ci­ty con­sump­ti­on and redu­ce your elec­tri­ci­ty purchase.

  • Ful­ly modu­lar: Expand power in 30 kW & capa­ci­ty in 3.5 kWh steps

  • 31.5 - 357 kWh usable capacity

  • 30 - 90 kW power


Integrated complete system

Peak shaving


Self consumption optimization

Back-up power


Battery module

  • Lithi­um Iron Phos­pha­te (LFP)

  • Weight: 34 kg

  • Capa­ci­ty gua­ran­tee: 12 years or 6,000 cycles

FEMS box

  • Intel­li­gent, mul­ti­func­tion­al and self-lear­ning ener­gy manage­ment system

  • Grid-ser­ving self-con­sump-tion for hig­her yields and grid-ser­ving behavior

  • Pre­pared for sec­tor coupling

  • Open­EMS-based: the lea­ding ener­gy manage­ment standard

Battery management

  • Effi­ci­ent high-vol­ta­ge bat­tery system

  • With safe­ty switch for user­fri­end­ly operation

  • Intel­li­gent balan­cing for long bat­tery life

  • Vol­ta­ge and tem­pe­ra­tu­re moni­to­ring at cell level


Commercial 30-Sinexcel-Wechselrichter-Gehäuse
  • Effi­ci­ent bat­tery inverter

  • Power: 30 - 90 kW

  • Back-up power with optio­nal grid dis­con­nec­tion unit (for 30 kW)

  • Weight: 79.5 kg

The FENECON Commercial 30 in your business

More energy. But less power from the grid.

Technical data

Loading/unloading capacity 

30 - 90 kW 

Usable battery capacity 

31.5 - 357.0 kWh DC 

Operating mode 


Battery operating temperature 

0 to +40 °C


Pro­duct war­ran­ty: 5 years, optio­nal­ly 10 years
Capa­ci­ty gua­ran­tee: 12 years or
6,000 cycles¹

Dimension battery rack

625 | 430 | 2,281 mm 

Dimension inverter box

600 | 225 | 910 mm 

Complete system 

Bat­tery, bat­tery inver­ter, ener­gy manage­ment sys­tem and warranties 

Weight battery rack (empty)

62 kg 

Weight inverter² 

79.5 kg