FEMS-App Tibber

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With the “FEMS App Tib­ber” you can use the time-varia­ble electri­ci­ty tariff Tib­ber in your FEMS and thus have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to bene­fit finan­cial­ly from low electri­ci­ty prices.

With the help of self-lear­ning sys­tems, the app crea­tes fore­casts for local power genera­ti­on and power con­sump­ti­on. The electri­ci­ty pri­ces in € cents/kWh for the next 24 hours are cal­led up in 15-minu­te slots via an inter­face to the tariff pro­vi­der Tibber

If the capa­ci­ty of the electri­ci­ty sto­rage sys­tem is not suf­fi­ci­ent at night to cover the fore­cast con­sump­ti­on, the app deter­mi­nes time win­dows with low electri­ci­ty pri­ces. Wit­hin this, the demand is not cove­r­ed with the remai­ning electri­ci­ty from the electri­ci­ty sto­rage sys­tem, but drawn from the grid. For the user, this means: The FENECON power sto­rage sys­tem no lon­ger only opti­mi­zes self-con­sump­ti­on from its own pho­to­vol­taic sys­tem, but also, in a secon­da­ry func­tion, also the resi­du­al power purcha­se based on the dyna­mic electri­ci­ty price.



You can find more infor­ma­ti­on about the tariff on the web­site of the tariff pro­vi­der: https://tibber.com/de

Note : Due to tech­ni­cal con­trol rea­sons, we only recom­mend the FEMS app for the fol­lowing power sto­rage systems:

  • FENECON Home
  • Pro Hybrid GW
  • Per AC GW