FENECON Commercial 50-Serie

Der voll-modulare Gewerbespeicher

ab 50 kW|ab 70 kWh

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Gewerbespeicher für Profis

Die FENECON Commercial 50-Serie ist ein modulares System zur Speicherung elektrischer Energie in langlebigen Lithium-Eisenphosphat (LiFePO4) Batterien.

Leistung und Kapazität

Leistung ab 50 kW und
Kapazität ab 60 kWh

For commercial and industrial use

from 30.000 kWh annual electricity need

Indoor oder Outdoor

Bedarfgerecht Aufstellung

Warranted long-lasting

12 years or 6.000 cycles

 FENECON Commercial 50-Serie

The modular concept of performance, capacity and application apps make it the optimal system for commercial, industrial, agricultural, supplying tenants or network services applications.


Commercial 50-series

The development of our FENECON Commercial 50-series includes a number of phases that focus on the following key areas and the timeline: idea, research, development, testing, analysis and implementation.

Intelligent Energy Management

FEMS (FENECON Energy Management System) controls the charge and discharge of the energy storage system depending on the selected aplications,  for example to optimise the self-consumption of a photovoltaic installation.

Testen Sie gerne unser Online-Monitoring, um Live-Daten der FENECON Stromspeichersysteme einzusehen.

FEMS Apps expand the energy management with useful functions:

FEMS App charging station

Intelligent charging of an electric car with renewable energy

FEMS App SG-Ready heat pump

control of a "Smart-Grid-Ready" heat pump

FEMS App heating element

„Power-to-heat“ application for excess energy

System configuration

Technical specifications

Charge and discharge power

from 50 kW

Usable battery capacity

from 60 kWh DC

Operating mode


Complete system

Batterie inkl. Batterie Wechselrichter, Energiemanagementsystem und Garantien


12 years or 6.000 cycles to 70% of the usable capacity

Installation site temperature

-20°C up to +55°C

Maße Batterieschrank

(B/T/H) 625 / 410 / 2.282 mm

Maße Wechselrichter

(B/T/H) 500 / 452 / 760 mm


35 kg



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