FERESTO - FENECON Rental Storage

FENECON ren­tal storage

Rental storage: Temporary energy storage, without financial risk

Short- or lon­ger-term bridging of sup­p­ly, money and ener­gy gaps.
For peak shaving, con­s­truc­tion pha­ses and much more. Use bat­tery ener­gy sto­rage sys­tems wit­hout invest­ment risks, mea­su­ring pro­fi­ta­bi­li­ty and bil­ling with pro­ject accuracy.

Possible applications for FENECON rental storage systems

Your load peaks only occur sea­so­nal­ly?
E.g. for air con­di­tio­ning in sum­mer or due to high ener­gy demand in win­ter? Rent a sto­rage sys­tem for peak shaving during the­se peri­ods and avo­id high grid charges.

Not sure if a sto­rage sys­tem is right for your busi­ness?
Sim­ply test the sys­tem at your site in real ope­ra­ti­on and mea­su­re the effi­ci­en­cy. If purcha­sed, you will sub­se­quent­ly recei­ve the bat­tery ener­gy sto­rage sys­tem at a redu­ced price.

The purcha­se of a bat­tery ener­gy sto­rage sys­tem is bey­ond your bud­get, but it is worth the effort?
Rent a sys­tem and pro­ve its effi­ci­en­cy. And if you need more capa­ci­ty or per­for­mance, sim­ply upgrade modularly.

The rem­oval of the sup­p­ly line takes too long?
Rent a bat­tery ener­gy sto­rage sytem for the tran­si­tio­nal peri­od and you’ll be productive!

Overview of our rental storage


FENECON Commercial 50 

Com­mer­cial sto­rage system

Bat­tery ener­gy sto­rage sys­tem ful­ly modu­lar - grows with your ener­gy needs.

Power: 50 - 250 kW
Capa­ci­ty: 70 - 1.400 kWh

Mini­mum ren­tal peri­od: 3 years

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FENECON Industrial S

FENECON Industrial S 

Indus­tri­al sto­rage system

Future-pro­of indus­tri­al bat­tery ener­gy sto­rage sys­tem as the basis for grid-ser­ving ener­gy manage­ment.

Power: 92 - 184 kW
Capa­ci­ty: 82 - 164 kWh

Mini­mum ren­tal peri­od: 1 month

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FENECON Industrial M

FENECON Industrial M 

Indus­tri­al sto­rage system

Sca­ling from under a hundred kilo­watts to the mul­ti-mega­watt ran­ge.

Power: 88 - 704 kW
Capa­ci­ty: 82 - 656 kWh

Mini­mum ren­tal peri­od: 1 month

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Sustainable - flexible - grows with your energy requirements

Pay the bat­tery ener­gy sto­rage sys­tem only - as long as you use it and bene­fit from always modern bat­tery sto­rage generations!

Fle­xi­ble adjus­t­ment of per­for­mance and capa­ci­ty to your conditions

Con­ti­nue to invest your money in your core busi­ness and acti­va­te your ener­gy cos­ts on balan­ce sheet. You can direct­ly compa­re the savings from the sto­rage to the costs.

Insu­rance, ser­vice, main­ten­an­ce and end-of-life dis­po­sal included!

Rent or lease?

Whe­ther you want to rent a lar­ger or smal­ler power sto­rage system:

Cont­act us!

Tog­e­ther we defi­ne which FENECON ener­gy sto­rage sys­tem will best bridge your ener­gy bottleneck.

Invest in rental storage!

Invest in a lar­ge bat­tery ener­gy sto­rage sys­tem now and let FERESTO take care of it on a tem­po­ra­ry lea­se. This way, you will recei­ve an attrac­ti­ve inte­rest yield direct­ly. And when you need it, you adopt the sys­tem into your business.